søndag 2. februar 2014

Swatch Like You Mean It 1 (in english)

Ja, jeg har altså klart å melde meg på et e-kurs i prøvelapper. Det blir ikke noe særlig mer strikke-nerdete enn det vel? Siden kurset er på engelsk så kommer jeg til å poste akkurat disse postene på engelsk - i tilfelle noen av de andre på kurset har lyst til å lese også.

Yes, I have joined an e-class in swatching! It doesn't get any more knitting-geeky than that, does it? I use to write this blog in Norwegian, but the posts about the SLYMI-class will be written in English so that other participants can read it too.

And forgive me if the English isn't correct, I'm Norwegian after all :-)

We received an introduction on friday and got some homework. The task was to knit three swatches with THE SAME NEEDLE. I chose one of my 4mm (US6) circular bamboo needles to knit with, and three very different yarns:

1. Online Supersocke 6-fach, 75% wool and 25% polyamid. Recommended 3,0 - 4,0 mm needles and gauge 24 sts, 36 rows = 10cm.

I made this swatch a little larger, because I wanted to try another way to purl (Russian purl) than I usually do. This way to purl makes the sts mounted the oposite way so when knitting the next row I had to knit through back loop to get the knit-stitch right. I did this on the first part, made a garter row, and knit/purl like I usually do on the rest.

2. Norsk Pelsull, Norwegian 100% wool. Recommended 3,5 - 4,0 mm needles and gauge 22 sts = 10cm.

This swatch is 35 sts wide and over 10cm high. I love this wool although it's not very soft. It's great for two color knitting in cardigans, because it clings to itself and are perfect for steeking. It's also very light, and warm at the same time.

3. Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash. Recommended 4,0 - 4,5 mm needles and gauge 20 to 22 sts = 10cm.

This swatch is also 35 sts wide and over 10cm high. Very soft yarn and easy to knit with.

Three very different yarns. I'm curious to see what we are going to do with them!

The first thing i notice is that garter stitch is not a guarantee against the bottom and top folding... On the large swatch I used 8 rows garter stitch in the top and bottom, and 4 sts garter in the sides. On the small swatches I used 6 rows garter on top and bottom and 3 sts in the sides. And if I don't pin them down they DO curl.

So I pinned them down :-)

Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

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